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The Smoot Route: Pilot

Hi—Bienvenue—Vilkommen—Howdy, y’all!

Welcome to the Smoot Route! We are Bennett & Steph Smoot. We love travel and not-so-ordinary adventures. Thanks to the Army, we have lived in NY, GA, SC, and TX. Thanks to Google flights, we have learned that you are not stuck anywhere! To be fair, not all airports are created equal, and being near Atlanta and then Austin, has definitely helped our travel planning.

In our first year of marriage, we took 14 trips of various lengths. The second year followed a similar pattern, so we started an Instagram page just for fun—to document our very Smoot-esque adventures. This blog has been on pause for quite some time, but we figured the New Year was the perfect time to press play. We celebrated our third anniversary in December. (I know, we’re getting old.) Year three was filled with fewer trips, lots of quarantine, and a longing to see the world again.

With all of the craziness that last year brought us (and the world), we learned more than anything that it is okay to slow down. It is totally okay—albeit normal—to stay at your house four weekends out of the month. We learned how to better dig roots in a new place. Never in a million years would we have imagined loving our time in Killeen, TX; but we do. And as the world starts to open up, we will explore more and more.

Recently, we have done a couple major road trips that have more than satisfied our need to get away. We are looking forward to more trip planning, travels together, and sharing our experiences with you.

Disclaimer: If you are into high-class hotels, seeing sites from a bus, and Yelp’s Top 10 Lists… we are not those travelers. When we left BWI for an 18-day Europe trip, we had only our plane tickets and plans to stay with friends for a couple days… We ended up visiting 8 countries in Europe and Africa using nothing but AirBNB, HostelWorld, Sixt, and Google over Wifi. It was incredible.

We will reminisce and post about previous trips as well as upcoming adventures, trip tips, deals, and anything else that might be helpful for your next adventure.

Thanks for tuning in; we are so excited to continue to share this journey with you!

Be a traveler—not a tourist—take the Smoot Route™


~Bennett & Steph


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